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Trip Hazard Removal

We use a patented saw cutting technique to remove trip hazards from concrete and asphalt sidewalks. We assist communities in alleviating trip and fall liability and improving community assets. Municipalities find that our proprietary service is more efficient and costs 15-20% of the cost of demolishing and replacing the sidewalk.


SSC uses no heavy equipment. Each trip hazard removal technician is equipped with a compact, mobile set up, which the technician moves along with him as he repairs each trip hazard. A two person crew can remove approximately 100 hazards a day with minimal disturbance to business, homeowners, schools or other public venues.  


SSC guarantees there will be no damage to any adjacent or surrounding concrete, landscaping, utility covers, retaining walls or otherwise. Damage often results from heavy equipment such as demolition back hoes or trucks on the sidewalk.




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