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Sidewalk Asset Management

For Municipalities and Property Owners, liability and safety are of ever growing concern. The high costs of sidewalk replacement along with the long length of time required to carry out the replacements pose a great challenge for Canadian Municipalities and Property Owners with tight budgets and a short maintenance season.


For our clients, a proactive sidewalk maintenance program is the best way to keep its persons safe and avoid the high costs associated with liability and litigation. A proactive program entails three steps:

  1. Having an Inspection program in place to identify sidewalk hazards and deficiencies
  2. Having a maintenance program in place to correct the identified hazards and deficiencies
  3. Marking any hazards that cannot immediately be corrected to warn of potential dangers and have a plan for future remediation 


Safesidewalks Canada's Sidewalk Asset Management services allow our clients to get a lot more done in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, residents will be pleased to see a direct improvement in their community using our efficient unintrusive repair methods. Our clients tend to see not only a huge reduction in complaints but a great deal of positive feed back from residents. 

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