Precision Concrete Cutting (A Safesidewalks Canada Affiliate) originally opened a small trip-hazard removal business in Provo, Utah. Over time the company became frustrated with the poor results from conventional methods, and began looking for a better way. Their research and development brought about several unique machines that used a saw instead of a grinder. Their efforts ultimately led to today’s design, which has been awarded 6 patents to date.
At Safesidewalks Canada, we have two main services. We use a patented saw technique to repair tripping hazards and various sidewalk deficiencies on the sidewalks and walkways. The average time it takes to demolish and replace a sidewalk is greater than 14 days. Our repair technicians each repair 50 hazards per day on average.
We've also developed a highly efficient, proprietary system for doing Sidewalk Condition Assessments and Inspections. Our system delivers the necessary data required to put together an effective sidewalk maintenance program and we can deliver the gathered data within days of completion.
We work with our clients to assist them in putting these programs together to not only reduce liability but to make their sidewalks safer for the everyday user.
Sidewalk safety is our passion.

About Safesidewalks Canada