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Remove the Liability
& Keep the Sidewalk


Safesidewalks Canada is the leader in uneven sidewalk repair in North America. Our services are designed to help our clients reduce liabilities and manage their assets efficiently.

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Sidewalk Asset Management
Sidewalk Condition Assessments
Customer Satisfaction

Safesidewalks Canada Inc. is proud to say we have an impeccable reputation. We attribute this to our customer satisfaction, professionalism, and patented methodology. As a SSC customer, we want to be your most trusted contractor. If you aren't fully satisfied, then our job isn't done. 


Safesidewalks Canada (SSC) has provided trip hazard removal services to the City of Regina for the last three construction seasons. Through SSC's work, 8420 trip hazards have been eliminated at a fraction of the cost of other repair methods. SSC's trip hazard removal has been well-received by the citizens of Regina, as it increases the safety and accessibility of Regina's sidewalks quickly and conveniently. Through their survey, SSC also identifies sidewalk that may require mud-jacking or replacement, which are then incorporated into the concrete maintenance program. SSC's services have been a great complement to the city's concrete maintenance program.


Kresten Krogsgaard


City of Regina

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